Bruno Mars posters and prints, 171 items

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These Bruno Mars posters are to catch the attention of music fans and others as they are so diverse and interestingly depict various aspects of his lifestyle. There is no need to comment on how much successful a singer he is, at same time he has also been a good music producer and a notable songwriter. Majority of the Bruno Mars posters showcase the singer in his trademark Fedora cap wearing either a leather jacket or a suit. There is no doubt that he looks the best in this attire at least according to the image you have of him in your minds. Both his major studio albums have won Grammy awards in the pop music category. He has also won two Brit awards and is the only male artist to have two lead act singles in the “Billboard Hot 100’s top 10” list at the same time period. So these Bruno Mars posters invariably have many scenes from these album covers, their tours and many stage shows and award functions. Mars has also associated himself with many social cause activities including donations and charity shows. In these posters you will find many collectible T-shirts related to his name and music, many caricatures and drawing of the singer and photos of his impersonations of MJ and Elvis.Google+