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Bruce Willis (posters) is a prolific Hollywood actor and producer that have made a highly successful career in movies and TV Shows. Although he rose to fame through his roles in action flicks, he was able to maintain his popularity and relevance with deep characters in other genres. He certainly has made a big impact on the movie industry as a whole and his legacy and cult roles are one of the main reasons behind worldwide fame. Bruce Willis is also known for his incredible charm and dedication to perform at the top of his possibilities. It is a name that is known to many generations of movie goers. The sales of Bruce Willis mugs, among other things are always increasing, which means that the demand for new screen appearances is as high as ever.

After roles in less known theaters and small appearances in TV shows, Bruce Willis has finally been offered the main role in the TV series Moonlighting. It was a career-making decision for Willis, as he gained an incredible amount of success with critics and audiences. Having been playing the more comedic role of David Addison for 4 years in the show, he following transition to the action genre was a bit of a surprising move, but it proved to be the right one. Thanks to the Die Hard action thriller, the whole genre got an immense boost. John McClane didn't seem to be as invincible as other protagonists in action movies and this fact played well with the audiences. This incredible hit was followed by 4 sequels. Like is the case with many actors, they experience highs and lows throughout their career. Bruce Willis was not an exception and after playing a number of less successful roles in the yearly 90's, he needed a big hit. It came with Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and since then Willis was picking his projects more carefully. Today he is known as one of the biggest stars of Hollywood that has sold millions of Bruce Willis t-shirts around the world.

Other important projects include movies like The Fifth Element, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Sin City and RED. He is still very active and his latest projects include the sequel to the Unbreakable movie and remake of Death Wish. He received an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award for his role in the Moonlighting TV series. Perhaps his greatest award is the fact his name is associated with quality films on all continents. A good Bruce Willis poster is something every real fan has to acquire in order to celebrate his body of work.