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Brigitte Bardot posters are a pure show of freedom of women in the post-world-war era in France when such exposure of body by a woman and publicly smoking and drinking etc. were regarded as taboo. But Brigit Bardot believed in her liberty and freedom and became the embodiment of feminine liberty and respect. Brigitte Bardot posters showcase the actress in lingerie, in 50’s-60’s-70’s style outfits, semi-nude and nude. There is no need to say that she is a gorgeous and cute actress with rare facial features, which made her one of the most desirable ladies of her time. All though at present many may not know her, there was a time when Brigitte Bardot posters used to decorate the walls of most of the European and American youth also of many clubs, hotels etc. Brigitte Bardot always dons that intriguing smile which attracts most of her fans. Even in the modern day old age photos which are seen here, we can see the same smile. In the peak of her career, she retired from movies and decided to spend her life for animal rights and betterment. Many moments from her social activities in this direction has been included in this poster collection. The world famous Playboy magazine cover with nude Brigitte Bardot is also here.Google+