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Bob Marley was a Jamaican superstar who achieved international recognition because of his unique singing style of the Jamaican reggae music. He is considered an icon who succeeded in taking the music of his small island of Jamaica beyond all boundaries and presented it to the world. Apart from being a highly talented musician, Marley was also a poetic songwriter, Rasta prophet (his wife Rita switched him to Rastafarianism) and a revolutionary singer. Early death did not allow the singer to have a long career in music, but whatever little duration he got, he rocked the world with some of the most popular numbers that world had ever heard. Early life Born as Robert Nesta Marley on 6th February 1945, Bob left home at the age of 14 years to pursue a career in music. After a short period of struggle, he formed the band “The Wailers” in 1963 with fellow singers Peter Tosh and Neville ‘Bunny’ Livingstone, friends to Marley and highly talented musician themselves. The photos of this group are now sold as Bob Marley posters. There were eleven albums which were released under the name of Bob Marley and the Wailers, seven of which were studio albums and four live albums. Work of Marley and awards received by him Some of the most famous and highly popular albums released by Marley include ‘Exodus’, ‘Uprising’, ’Rastaman Vibration’, ’Babylon by bus’, ‘Rebel music’, ‘Confrontation’, ‘Catch a fire’ just to name a few. He has been recognized with many awards, some during his lifetime and some after his death. He was awarded Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 2001 and his album ‘Exodus’ was chosen to be the Album of the century by Time Magazine. He was also awarded with the Peace Medal of the Third World from United Nations in 1978 and with Jamaican Order of Merit, the third highest honor in Jamaica in 1981. Our website has a great collection of not only Bob Marley but many other legendary musicians. All you will need to do is choose the one that you find most adorable or collection-worthy and we shall get it delivered to your doorsteps within a few days. He made his space in the hearts of billions The legendary singer died at the young age of only 36 years of cancer which had developed from the toes for five years before finally succumbing him to death in 1981. Bob Marley will always remain in the hearts of his admirers, the minds of who are etched with the sharp features, prancing style, and majestic looks of the legendary singer. Being an ardent fan of football and the king of football of those times, the legendary Pele, Marley used to play football whenever and wherever he could, even in side recording studios. Football was just next to music in his life is what he has been found quoting at a number of occasions. The Bob Marley posters that are available on have single as well as group photos of the star. Childhood photographs and many unseen moments from the life of Marley are also available in these posters that can be ordered at at various dimensions. The posters are available in black and white as well as color.