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It is a common habit of fans to collect posters of their icons and when it comes to fans of musicians, they take it to another level. Bob Dylan, being a legend is no exception in this regard and he has millions of diehard fans across the world. The types of Bob Dylan posters that people collect depend upon their individual personality. Now like any other musician, Dylan has also sung a wide variety of songs of various moods and tempos, with each affecting his fans in various ways. Also, as far as the posters are concerned, each of them showcases Dylan in various moods, and it is this variety of moods that is arrested by the posters, which make Bob Dylan posters so much enthralling. With the art of advertisement and promotion changing in leaps and bounds with time, the conception of promotions through posters have also changed and the fans are accepting that change with vigor and glee. Likewise, if take a look at the posters of this iconic musical genius, you will find that purposely designed and conceptualized to meet the demand of his fans, more so the younger generations or the college goers, though there are some older and not to old followers who love them as well. The Bob Dylan posters, especially the ones that are available online as well as in the street corner stores are of high quality, though that depends upon the price tag attached. However, irrespective of their price, there is one thing common – that is the fact that they depict Dylan in various moods and ways to promote his greatness and this is effectively an indirect promotion, which is indulged by Dylan himself, like any other celebrity. While some followers are mesmerized by these ambush promotions, some very consciously get these posters to help in the promotions, out of their love and respect for Dylan. The posters that are expensive can be used by these fans and followers for lifetime, while there are cheaper varieties which are a bit inferior from the qualitative point of view, but can still be used for a considerable period of time, quite easily. There are some posters, which come up with the lyrics of certain songs imprinted along with Dylan’s images. Some of these lyrics might be motivational as well, and these Bob Dylan posters, as per the sociologists as well as the psychologists, play a critical role in motivating the fans and followers, particularly when they are going through a depressing state of mind.Google+