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There are some faces that tell a thousand stories without uttering a single word or a single syllable. At times, these faces are impish, at times they are naughty, and at times they are flirtatious, while at times they are really funny. If you are in hunt for such a face, you have Robert Pickering Burnham, or Bo Burnham. This American comedian, singer-songwriter, musician, and poet has set the stages on fire with his performance, and his wittiness, and his sheer presence and personality, so much so that he has become a sensation at a tender age of 24. And this perseverance of Burnham shows in his photographs me the way he appears on his posters. These Bo Burnham posters go a long way in making the person a household name in US today. In some posters he is seen in black and white just clinching the microphone, but the concentration, the perseverance and the determination to attract his audience is very much palpable. In others he is seen just fiddling with his blond hair, but his customary wit is very much apparent in his eyes. Clearly, he is seen thinking something very special to enthrall his audience. The most amazing this is that you will never ever be able to typify this person and that is very evident from the varieties he bring in his performance, and this lack of predictability is very much evident from the layout of the Bo Burnham posters. There is an aura that is very much depicted in his posters, and this aura is all about all his mannerisms, his special catch lines, his body language and most importantly, his personality, which is bound to make his audience ponder for a minute or two. The most amazing part that you will find in his posters is the pair of glowing eyes. They clearly show that they hold a sea of promise and that is where his eyes make the difference. And photographers have done justice to his eyes while snapping his photos for the Bo Burnham posters. In all the posters, his eyes are always glowing to underline the fact that Bo Burnham means business!Google+