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The modern R'n'B scene has to thank singers like Beyonce ( posters ) for keeping the genre as relevant as ever. Beyonce Giselle Knowles is a performer with many talents. Her singing skills are complemented by her work as an actress, producer and dancer. She became enthralled by singing while being a school student. After winning a singing contest, she became even more interested in pursue of new achievements in the music industry. So, what has happened in her career that led to huge sales of Beyonce mugs and other merchandise related to this performer? Her career began in the rap band called Girl's Tyme, which later was renamed Destiny's Child. The manager of the band was Beyonce's father, but they didn't gain any major success until 1997, when they managed to sign with Columbia Records.

This fact opened new doors and possibilities. Moderate success was achieved after the first studio album saw the light, but in 1999 things have changed drastically with the release of the second album, which became multiplatinum. Beyonce found herself taking the spotlight of the R'n'B scene together with her band mates. The first Grammy award was just the beginning of what is known now as the most successful music artist of 2000's. Numerous Beyonce t-shirts and other clothing items are still worn by legions of her fans even nowadays. Although being the heart of the Destiny Child, the band soon decided to break up and its members expressing desire to pursue solo careers.

This is where Beyonce has really started to shine. She won 5 Grammy awards for her first solo album! All throughout 2000's music levers danced to her radio hits as she became one of the most influential performers who signed with huge brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and Pepsi and also did great in cinema. Not many actors are lucky enough to be nominated with a Golden Globe for their work, but she managed to do that for her role in the movie Dreamgirls. She has also cooperated on studio records and live performances with other prominent music artists. With sales exceeding 100 million records copies around the world, we can say for certain that there are no music fans left, who wouldn't know what she has accomplished inside the music industry. Add 20 Grammys to the incredible list of achievements and you get a status of a living legend. For this reason, you can choose from a variety of Beyonce posters and pick the one that will proudly decorate your room.