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If you are looking for a bubbly face, which will make your day, Aubrey Christina Plaza is the right choice for you. This American actress and comedian, has the right kind of face that will make you feel lighter and jovial, if you are in a pensive mood. Thanks to her heavenly smile and lustrous pair of eyes, she has the caliber to make you feel really good even after a hectic day at work and her posters do justice to this! This 31 year old deadpan comedian has appeared in a number of theatres and stage shows and in each of them, she was jut ravishing. In most of the Aubrey Plaza posters, she appears innocent, but witty, naughty, yet girly enough to raise the eyebrows of all quarters! It is this right blend of things in her, which makes her so special. And her posters truly reflect the very mood of her beauty. In the posters you find her to be a perfect blend of beauty and innocence all coated by a layers seductiveness that is strong enough to attract the opposite sex, giving her a girl next door image. She is witty – you cannot afford to make any mistake about that. Her looks have it all and that is what her posters make you think. It is not that she is grump faced. She is bubbly and she is exciting. She composed, yet she is seductive and will make you think. She is thinker’s woman. That she is witty is reflected in her eyes, her smile and her body language. The Aubrey Plaza posters do a lot of justice to her enigma. At she is seen with an impish grin – a clear indication of her flirtatious character, while in others she is a listener, with her eyes telling all about the depth of her psyche and her presence of mind – so much customary of a deadpan comedian. She is definitely the girl next door – but not the one who you can take you for granted. She will turn the table on you given a simplest of chance and the she appears on her posters will say it all – in style. You can love her, like her, admire her, but you will have to be cautious in going out for a date with her! That’s what the Aubrey Plaza posters say!Google+