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Ashley Michelle Tisdale the blonde US Actress, singer and producer is the girl next door. This is quite evident from her posters. Her looks are enchanting, her eyes ravishing enough to attract the opposite sex leaving other women overtly jealous. She is sexy, and sensuous with every curve of her body inviting enough and every look pregnant with the x factor so much, so that guys will never think twice before falling over their heads for her. Truly, she is the girl next door and that is her USP. These are quite evident in the Ashley Tisdale posters in which she is seen looking right at your eyes with those seducing looks and fiddling her blonde hair with her fingers. She has a fairy like appearance, and that is her USP. It is not that she has a terrific figure. In fact, it is quite ordinary. Still, there is an aura of magic around her that she has created by her pleasing personality and her truly professional approach. She seldom flaunts her assets in public – at least not in live performance and in the posters. The Ashley Tisdale posters are famous for different reasons. They are renowned for their simplicity, yet their variety - all revolving around the girl next-door image of Tisdale. She is generally seen very casual in her posters, it is this casual stance, that has a tinge of sweetness mixed in it, and this makes the difference. Her innocent face, the glistening pair of eyes, her childish grin and an air of freshness - all merging with each other in a seamless way to create that special aura that makes her so interesting a character. It is not that she is entirely childish. Her rise to the fame shows that she is matured enough to handle the ups and down of the showbiz. She is tough enough to withstand that rigor, but that does not show in her eyes, lips, body language and her face. She looks so fresh and young, that she makes an extremely good subject for Ashley Tisdale posters. If you are looking for a leash of fresh air in your room, get one and you will feel it!