Arnold Schwarzenegger posters and prints, 133 items

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Arnold Schwarzenegger posters have been one of the favorites among large number of people belonging to different groups of interests varying from action film lovers to kids and body builders. The main reason behind his huge popularity could be the powerful gentleman, super hero image that he has maintained all through his movie career. Through these photos you can see it clearly that he has fit in comfortably into his above said image. Arnold Schwarzenegger posters have always been the central attraction of the walls of most gyms and fitness centers worldwide. Almost every youth aspiring to achieve a fit muscular figure would have been inspired by his image in some way or other. The memorable moments from most of his famous films taken in different times of his life starting from his first film “Hercules in New York”, the legendary Terminator series, Red Heat, Predator, Commando, True lies etc. are depicted in this collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger posters. The Terminator who became the Governor of California has recently been named “Governator” thanks to a comics series hero based on his reel life and real life. It is sure that Arnie’s posters will be highly sought after and with the wide range of posters available this section is a sure sellout.