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She is not just another pretty face; she is a television star in her teens who has proved herself as a pop singer. Yes, Ariana Grande has powerful vocals and is rightfully considered as an heir to the throne that once belonged to Mariah Carey. Ariana started her career as television artist in Broadway Musical 13 and then landed as Cat valentine in Victorious. Over the years she has put managed to create her footprints in the musical world. If you are an ardent follower or fan of this beautiful and talented lady then order Ariana Grande Posters at Early Life of Ariana She was born as Ariana Grande-Butera to Joan Grande and Edward Butera on 26 th June 1993. Although she is an American, born in Boca Raton, Florida she has her origins from Italy with half Sicilian, half Abruzzese roots. She was named Ariana after her parents were inspired by the name of Princess Oriana from Felix the Cat. She also has an elder brother Frankie Grande who is a producer and performer. Music has always been her first love and when Grande was just eight years old she performed in a cruise where she was heard by famous Latin singer Gloria Estafan. It was Gloria who encouraged her and told her to follow her dreams. She continued singing in local theatres till she got her first break in Broadway production. Her life from an actor to singer In 2008, Grande was offered the role of Charlotte in Broadway’s Musical 13 and her performance was eulogized and she won National Youth theatre association Award. When she was casted in Victorious, Nickelodeon television program as Cat Valentine she made her presence felt in the industry. While she was acting she always pursued her dreams to make a successful musical career. For this she kept on appearing in sporting events and it was in the sound track of Victorious where she made her first appearance on record. In 2011, she released “Put your hearts Up” which was famous as teen oriented music album of pop genre. However, being kiddie in feel it was disowned by Ariana. After her first hit single was released on 26 th March 2013, it became the no. 1. Then she released her second single on 22 nd July 2013 and her album “Yours Truly on 3 rd September 2013. It became ni.1 in Billboard. From then she continued her journey as a pop singer and grabbed musical achievements like “Snow in California,” “Problem,” “Santa tell me” and many more.