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Started her career at the young age of 10 years, Anna Kendrick was born to Janice Cooke and William K. Kendrick. She has made her presence in the industry as singer and actor and has been nominated for various awards over her successful career. On august 9, 1985, Anna Kendrick was born in Maine, Portland. Her mother was an insurance accountant whereas her father was history teacher. It was her Parents, who always supported her and drove her from Portland to New York, which paid off well in future. You would love to have Anna Kendrick posters in your rooms not only as she is glamorous enough, but as she would remind you of the hard work and dedication that she had done since young age. At the age of 12, she was nominated for the Tony awards and was the third youngest artist to be so. Her performance in the Broadway Musical “High Society” as Dinah Lord had earned her this nomination in 1998. She has been assisted by the same manager Kim Matuka since she was of 10 years age. In 2003, Kendrick made her debut in films with Camp. Her screenplay let her grab the best debut performance and she was winner of Independent Spirit Award. You would love to have Anna Kendrick posters, especially of the period when she performed in her big film, “Twilight” or of that time when she was nominated for Oscar at the age of 24. Her performance in “up in the air” gave her nomination for the Golden Globe Award. Her dream of becoming an actor was there when she was attending Longfellow Elementary School and then Deering High School. Her brother Micheal Cook Kendrick too was with her there and he appeared in Looking for an echo in the year 2000. Her main attraction had always been her career and she has spent much time in concentrating in her career growth. From 2012, she has started acting in a number of films and that makes her more adorable person. She was in courtship with Edger wright during the period 2009 to 2013. Even if you too are interested in Anna Kendrick posters, then just visit our website online and you would get a lot of options to choose. Just use them either to decorate your own room or gift to friends.