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If you have watched Amazing Spiderman, then you can know Peter parker or Andrew Garfield. A well-known face Andrew Garfield posters, actually shows the actor who has successfully portrayed the role of Spiderman. Born in Los Angeles, he presently has dual citizenship of America and Great Britain. During his early ages he used to be swimmer and a gymnast. Alter he decided that he was keenly interested in movies and thus decided to take up acting as his career. At the age of twelve, Garfield decided to take classes on acting in Surrey and in 2004 he received the best new comer award for his acting in Kes. Later during 2005, he made his debut at the British television with the serial named “Sugar Rush.” Gradually he started taking up more movies and the role portrayed by him in Spiderman series is now history. He got full international attention when he acted in two films “Never let me go” and “The Social Network.” In his personal life, he states that he feels equally good to be at States and at Britain as he feels both the countries as his home. The reason may be he was born to an American father and British mother. Presently he is dating his costar at Spiderman Emma Stone, whom he defines as one of the most talented actress and a person with lovely personality. To get fame in your life, all that is need is dedication, you may belong to any back ground, but if you know where you want to head to then it would be easily possible for you to reach that place. All these can be understood when you look at the life of Andrew Garfield. At the tender of twelve, he was sure of where he wanted to head to and then gradually he has simply done that. Having Andrew Garfield posters would not only remind you of all this you would also feel happy to see his handsome face again and again. He also associates himself with Worldwide Orphans Association and is brand ambassador of them.