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For those who have a knack of knowing things that are going around them, the very name Anderson Cooper is more than enough to cause goose bumps. Here is a man, born in New York, who brought himself up with the zeal to go against all odds and do and be something that others hardly even dare to even dream. It is this zeal that took him to spend a pair of summers as an intern in CIA – a 2-year period that toughened the man in him further – something that helped him in his career as a scribe, especially when risking his life in disturbed areas of the world for CBS, CNN, ABC and the likes. When you look at the Anderson Cooper posters you can feel the difference in the man. It is not that he is a super hero, nor that he is as muscular as the WWE professionals. He is as simple as any other journalists making reports for their employers from across the world. Yet, there is something different in the man and that shows up in his looks. His eyes are smiling, yet are determined, his body language is very much unputdownable, and his face saying it all – “that I am not the one who will go down – come what may!” It is this spirit that shows of in his posters. For those who are looking forward to pick up journalism as career, he is indeed the role model. His posters in which he is seen posing in front of camera – with a grin in his face with masked terrorists with rocket launchers at the background speaks all about his steel nerves and his indomitable spirit that do not care about death. He is still young at his heart having been born in 1967 and his nerves are even younger. Truly, he is the role model for every one of us, especially for those looking to do something adventurous. Look at the Anderson Cooper posters and you will feel that urge to do something special. You have it in his eyes –even his smile is special, as if it tells you not to care about anything behind – come what may and it is this that given that ‘push’ from behind!