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Amy Winehouse posters at “” clearly depict the extravagant, strange and one of a kind style factor which the famous English singer had. She is perhaps the only singer to have so successfully mixed so many musical genres into her singing style. Soul, Rhythm and blues, Jazz and Reggae could be seen in her songs over the years. Amy Winehouse posters collection shown here not only exhibits her singing career but also her real life mannerisms and incidents. Remember her flamboyant yet arrogant and all-defying smile with a bit of sarcasm towards all the odds against her; you will really relive all those memories while going though the collection of Amy Winehouse posters on this site. Amy Jade Winehouse was always charming yet outrageous, glamorous yet down-to-earth and these photos re-imprint that image of hers in your minds. Just imagine winning 5 Grammies in a single year (in 2008 for the album “Back to Black”)! Glimpses from the Grammy and various other award functions attended by Amy can be seen here. What a life she had; fame, glory, success; on top of the world; then failure, drinking problems, fights, legal tussles etc. Some of these worst phases of her life have also made their place in people’s minds and here also. Her strange yet fashionable dressing style is well appreciated in these photos.Google+