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Amber Heard posters are very fashionable and sensitive! American actress Amber Heard Laura was born in Austin, Texas, April 22, 1986. Studying at school in his hometown, she was among the children amateur theater productions. Labeled agents, it was acting in commercials and even considered a person of honor was awarded a number of political campaigns. Parents of girls were convinced Catholics and raised her daughter in the same spirit. But when Amber was 16, in a car accident broke her best friend, and Hurd declared itself atheist. While studying at the Catholic Academy of St. Michael, she quit teaching and moved to New York where, thanks to its external data, soon found a job as a model. However, this profession is quickly bored her, and she decided to start an acting career. To do this, Amber moved to Los Angeles. The posters of Amber Heard on also show her early career. It became readily take on episodes in TV series, the first of which was "Jack and Bobby" (2004, a tiny role Liz). Having tried for one year a lot of small but bright images, Hurd succeeded in the same period films to star in "The rays of glory" (2004, Maria). Since then her career went on the rise. Today, the actress behind more than 30 roles, among which, despite the existence of serious television, cinematographic prevail. And this, it seems, is just the beginning of a true path to glory. The new posters of Amber Heard will decorate every room! Google+