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Alizée Jacotey, who is professionally famous as Alizee is a 31 year old French singer and dancer as well as a voice actress. Talking about the Alizee posters, the first thing that strikes you as you keep on looking at her posters are that, she is beautiful and she is gorgeous. She is French and hence, has the customary French glow, more highlighted by her sizzling black hair and underlined by her heavenly smile, which exposes the luscious and seductive wetness of her mouth and pearl like teeth that will definitely ignite the fire if you are a guy or a lesbo, and raise admiration if you are a straight woman. All said and done, she knows that she is beautiful with a ravishing figure, which though not voluptuous, is quite attractive and that she know very well. Hence, though she does not go any extra miles to flaunt her assets, when you look at the Alizee posters, she looks more than ravishing. It is not that she exposes a bit too much. As she is not that voluptuous, she knows her limitations and plays well within limit. The most amazing thing about her is that in spite of being in the showbiz for so many years, (the years of her career spanned through 1984 to 1999) she has not lost her natural innocence. Her smile, her beauty, the pair of bright, blue eyes – all are still epitomes of innocence that you will really like. And that is where she scores. She will never seduce you, though when she smiles that has a lot of eroticism written all over. In some posters, she appears skimpily dressed in various poses – all aimed to attract you. You will be attracted all right, but her appeals are such that you will not think of taking her to you bed or make a few of those ‘dirty’ moves that you can fantasize about quite some of these show girls. That is where she different from the others. She is beautiful, yet not seductive and is somewhat pensive in appearance and this seamless marriage of beauty and pensiveness has provided an edge to her posters. Kudos to the photographers who have conceptualized the Alizee posters of they have not experimented too much. They have kept the posters calm and gentle in appearance with clever mixing of soothing color and tinge, with appropriate backgrounds. Most of which are all but too much ravishing and these somewhat low key backgrounds have mixed and matched well with the pensive and romantic appeal that Alizee comes up with in her posters. Customers now have the unique opportunity to order collectible items with Alizee’s images printed in them. The range of printable collectible items includes mouse pads, t-shirts, magnets, puzzles, pillows, and mugs. You can even have printed cases for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 6/6s, iPad 2/3/4, and Samsung Galaxy S4, S5. Hurry up before the stocks finish.Google+