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Alana Blanchard is a 25 year old American professional surfer and model and has been an epitome of beauty ever since she had hit the headlines with her exquisite look and an athlete figure that is nothing but appealing. This blonde American is indeed beautiful. She has sharp features, a pair of beautiful eyes that are always glowing in confidence, which is pregnant with a touch of elusiveness and this is what has increased by sex appeal by manifold in the Alana Blanchard posters. She has stunning figure – a figure of a true athlete. She is not at all voluptuous and how can she be so? When she is a model and a professional surfer? However, very strangely, she does not have the customary toughness of an athlete. On the contrary, she looks more like an actress with all the dangerous curves very much prominent all the word, “lustrous” written all over her body in all possible ways. She knows that as well. She doesn’t over expose herself in her posters, but very cleverly, she does exactly what is natural. If you look at the Alana Blanchard posters, you will notice a sense of limitation in them. She has never overexposed herself. Even when she looks with her lustrous eyes and with that mesmerizing smile, you will understand that she is seducing you, but from distance and well within the limit. She will not go beyond the thin red line than lies in between decency and boldness, and that is perhaps her USP. You will long for her, but will think twice before you fantasize anything wild about her. Even when she shows off her assets she does so in a very natural way. As she is surfer, in most of the Alana Blanchard posters where she is seen showing off her assets, sea comes as a natural background. And that has added a tinge of naturalism in the posters. In those in which she appears topless, she would never look like a porn star, but someone, shyly trying to conceal her assets in the most poignant way. Even the makers of her posters and photographers have done justice to her. They have set her images against the backdrop of sea and the beach, which com naturally in her life and that has made all the difference. For the fans of Alana, if you people want to get her posters not only on the websites but in the devices that you use daily, you can have her photos on mouse pads, magnets and puzzles, pillows and mugs, and in cases of devices like Phone 4/4s, 5/5s, 6/6s, iPad 2/3/4, and the same for for Samsung Galaxy S4, S5.Google+