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Aaron Paul posters present here are few but worth the money for his fans and a lot of others. The widely successful actor rose to popularity and acclaim with TV serial “Breaking bad” (2008 to 2013 – 62 episodes), in which he played a drug addict. Many photos from award functions, movie promos and other social events are present among these Aaron Paul posters. After participating in several TV talent shows followed by several TV commercials and acting in some music album videos, he got his first acting role which was in an episode of TV serial “Beverly Hills, 90210” in the year 1999 which was followed by several such roles in TV serials till 2007 when he got a full time role in the TV serial “Big love” where he did 14 episodes till 2011. In the same time period he got his first movie role “Whatever it takes” (2000). After the debut he was never left without roles in movies over the next years. Aaron Paul posters depict many scenes from his famous movies and TV serials. Aaron Paul has received record number of awards for his role in “Breaking Bad” including “Primetime Emmy award”, Critic’s choice award, Prism award, Satellite award etc. for best supporting actor, and some of these award functions are also seen here.Google+