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She was born as April Jeanette Mendez and became famous as Aj Lee. Starting with the mean streets she has enjoyed the spotlights and that too with her credit. This makes her creditable enough for letting people have Aj Lee Posters at their home. She was born to a poor family in the year 1987 in New Jersey and only at the age of 12 she decided to be a professional wrestler. She was the youngest of the three children and during her childhood had to spend much time in motels or in cars. Even food was scarce for her family. When she was a child she looked up at her elder brother who instead of let her play with dolls or video games, made acquainted with the wrestling rings. After she completed her high school, she joined many jobs so that she may run the family and at the same time save something for her wrestling school. In 2007, she started her wrestling training in a New Jersey training school. There she was wrestling as Miss April. It was in 2009, that she joined WWE and then she was assigned to the developmental system. Many people love to keep Aj Lee posters, just as she had been a part of WWE; others do it for getting motivation from this young wrestler. Gradually after joining the competition she had to face many problems. The roster was not in her praise and she was paired with primo. However, that year she finished at 3 while the topper was Kaitlyn. From 2011, Lee was given prominence in the main roster of WWE in the episode of Smackdown. She along with her best friend Kaitlyn paired and formed a team Chick busters. However they faced loss in front of the Divas of Doom. This team didn’t last long. Eventually, Lee got her first win in a competition after pinning down Tamina. In her personal life, she had many affairs like dating her trainer Jay Lethal. However, in the year 2014, she married her fellow wrestler CM Punk. With so many championships and other prestigious awards, she has proven to the world that all that is required to be famous is dedication towards the walk you are in. Order online and have Aj Lee posters that would let you know more about this beautiful lady. Google+