Custom posters

Custom posters can now be easily and quickly created by means of our new service. At this page you can make a poster online, using any image you keep on your computer. Just press the button "Browse" and select the image. After that, you will be offered to choose the size and design of your personal poster.

You can create a poster based on your photos in order to present it to your loved one, friend or relative. Also now you can content your best photos in the superior form and create an excellent gallery on the wall of your house. Custom poster printing can easily substitute a family portrait, because it will not concede on the size and quality!

You can make posters online not only on the basis of photographs, but downloading any favorite image. Now you can make posters of excellent quality not only with the image of your favorite celebrities, but the hero of comic books, cartoons, anime or any other character. By the way, by using this service you can create poster with the celebrity that is absent in our catalog of finished goods, or to print a unique picture with your favorite star.

Create a custom poster of any size and format and we will realize your dream of a perfect image! Nobody but you could know better how exactly will the best poster for your room or home looks like, so we advise to make a poster by yourself on-line, because it does not take much time and effort.

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    Table of a poster sizes

    picture resolution \ poster size  24" x 32"(A1)   18" x 24"(A2)   11" x 17"(A3)   8" x 10"(A4)   6" x 8"(A5)   4" x 6"(A6) 
     more than 1700x2300  yes yes yes yes yes yes
     between 1600x1200 and 2300x1700  -- yes yes yes yes yes
     between 1200x800 and 1600x1200  -- -- yes yes yes yes
     less than 1200x800 -- -- -- yes yes yes